Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unused Craft & Sewing Kits for our Women Troops

As I have been receiving donated fabric, sometimes I get printed fabric panels, or small sewing projects. I am forwarding them to a fellow online quilter and she will put together kits for our crafty women soldiers.

I've asked her if she minded that I post her information here so if anyone has any unused sewing/craft kits you can send them directly to her. I've collected several new preprinted panels for wallhangings, dolls, vests, and a few felt & sequin Christmas stocking kits opened, but all materials still untouched.

Fran also belongs to the HeartStrings Quilt Project and StashBuster group, as I am. She is volunteering her time with a wonderful organization called Operation Care Packages. Her email is: fbenson59@yahoo.com

I also have Fran's mailing address if you want to contact me privately for it. She lives in Illinois. She will need Christmas kits mailed in July so the women have time to finish them before the holidays.



  1. Suz: what a great idea! I'm sure that I have enough sewing and craft items here at home to help out. I will contact Fran regarding the details.


  2. You are doing so amazing!!! I love to see all the enthusiasm... keep it up girl!!

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