Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apron Fabric Received!

Catherine Eith in Washington sent me a wonderful box of fabric for aprons last week--THANKS, Apron Angel! I'm getting ready to cut into most of it for my goal of 25 aprons by October 30th. Perfect timing!

Also finally making it to the cutting table are fabrics donated by Evelyn P., Susan D-S, Debbie B., and Michelle. So friends, I'll have photos of your donated blessings very, very soon.

Many thanks again to everyone for helping me stay busy and productive by sharing your fabric stash with me. Wait until you see what we make next!

New Apron Goal:

I just gathered apron fabric to cut out 22 more aprons. I haven't been able to send my 4th batch yet, but I need to very soon. Tammy is deploying back to the states in November (yeah!) and we don't know if and who will take over our donations to the Women's Center.

My goal is to start cutting out 44 apron panels and start sewing. My self-imposed deadline is October 30th. The following day, Halloween. will be the next holiday online retreat. My goal is to get another 25 aprons (my batch #4, big grin) to Afghanistan. I accept all cheerleaders, prayers, and "attagirls."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cool Tie Helper

He graduated from testing the unfilled ties, to turning them right-side-out all by himself. Now I can't keep enough stitched up! These are the ties that are filled with crystals that expand when wet. They are worn around soldier's necks to keep them cool. Plus, I just learned that if they are put in the microwave, the ties stay warmer 3 times longer than they do when they're cool.