Monday, June 8, 2009


No worries about how I'm going to mail the aprons and blankets! I just received a very generous check from Naomi C. in Graham, Washington. This should be enough to mail three separate boxes. I am so humbled and now very, very anxious to get my first box filled to the top and in the mail.

Bless you, Naomi, for helping in this way. You have guaranteed delivery of many aprons and blankets. I'll never forget your kindness and support for this project.

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  1. Are these being sent Parcel Post, due to the APO address? Or is there another method available?

    The USPS discontinued surface mail, which was a godsend to humanitarian projects, 2 years ago, over the protests of almost everyone involved in international relief projects.

    The Parcel Post rates aren't as good as surface mail was, but it's what we have now. Unless there is something else for APO/FPO addresses?


    Cynthia H.
    El Cerrito, CA